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Aug 26, 2016

Chronic Diseases - International

The Burden of Asthma: Delineation of Acute Healthcare Utilization among Asthma Patients in Missouri, 2007-2009

Abstract: Many people with asthma experience exacerbations. This study was conducted to describe the acute care utilization among patients with asthma in the state of Missouri and associated charges. Using the Patient Abstract...

Aug 26, 2016

Sarcoma Research - International

Management of Toxicities with Pazopanib in Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Abstract: Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma (aSTS) is a rare, heterogeneous disease with poor prognosis. Management is challenging, and treatment options are limited. Chemotherapy (single agents or combination regimens) is the standard...

Aug 26, 2016

Sarcoma Research - International

Angiosarcoma: Current Perspectives

Abstract: Angiosarcoma is a rare soft-tissue sarcoma derived from endothelial cells. It accounts for approximately 1-2% of soft tissue sarcomas, and has an increased incidence in the elderly. This increase...

Aug 26, 2016

Austin Journal of Dermatology

Lichen Sclerosus ET Atrophicus Induced Acquired Phimosis

Abstract: A 71-year-old, uncircumcised man developed phimosis and decreased penile sensitivity (Figure 1). After observing his hardened foreskin, Lichen Sclerosus ET Atrophicus (LSA) was thought to be...

Aug 26, 2016

Journal of Dental Applications

Correction of Unilateral Posterior Crossbite with Functional Mandibular Shift: A Case Report

Abstract: Unilateral Posterior Crossbite with functional shift of the mandible is a common condition. Early treatment of the condition may prevent adverse effects on temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscles. Many treatment...

Aug 26, 2016

Austin Environmental Sciences

Environmental Characteristics and Plankton Diversity of Major Freshwater Lake (L7) at Bharti Island, Larsemann Hills over East Antarctica

Abstract: The Larsemann Hills range is an ice-free oasis on the Ingrid Christensen Coast of Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica, which includes Bharti Island, Fisher Island, McLeod Island, Broknes Peninsula, Stornes Peninsula, and...

Aug 26, 2016

Austin Renal Disorders

Ideal Dry Weight in Dialysis Patients are we there Yet?

Abstract: One of the difficult tasks to achieve in hemodialysis patients is the ideal dry weight; hence many definitions had evolved during the past few decades....

Austin Journal of Clinical Case Reports